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Jimmie Mattern Home-15.png

Founder and president of California Charter of the OX5 Club of America

Jimmie Mattern Home-17.png

Named Honorary Fellow of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots 

Jimmie Mattern Home-18.png

Received official welcome back to New York City by Mayor Jimmy Walker 

Jimmie Mattern Home-18.png

Commissioned colonel on the military staff of the governor of Oklahoma, Gov. William H. Murray 

Jimmie Mattern Home-19.png

Commissioned lieutenant colonel on the military staff of the governor of Texas, Gov. Miriam A. Ferguson 

Jimmie Mattern Home-21.png

Logged 20,000+ flight hours in twenty years 

Jimmie Mattern Home-16.png

President of OX5 Club of America (later named “OX5 Aviation Pioneers”) 

Jimmie Mattern Home-18.png

Named “Honorary Citizen of West Berlin” for beating the speed record for a flight from United States to Berlin 

Jimmie Mattern Home-18.png

Honoree of parade in Oklahoma after setting transatlantic speed record and recipient of a special honor presented by Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce and Mayor 

Jimmie Mattern Home-18.png

Honored by Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce and Mayor William Bryce for setting transatlantic speed record 

Jimmie Mattern Home-20.png

Commissioned a Texas Ranger by Governor Ferguson

Jimmie Mattern Home-22.png

Awarded one-of-a-kind U.S. Air Force citation for his service in teaching young pilots how to fly a P-38 during WWII, using the revolutionary “piggyback” method 

Jimmie Mattern Home-24.png

Recipient of the Navy League Award

Jimmie Mattern Home-24.png

Named Honorary Member, U.S. Navy Air Test and Evaluation Squadron Four (VX-4) Naval Air Station Point Mugu, California

Jimmie Mattern Home-24.png

Named Honorary Member, U.S. Navy Strike Fighter Squadron 151 (VFA-151), Naval Air Station Miramar

Jimmie Mattern Home-24.png

Named Honorary Signal Officer, USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

Jimmie Mattern Home-25.png

Received at the White House in the Oval Office by four U.S. presidents: Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Lyndon Baines Johnson 

Jimmie Mattern Home-28.png

Honored in the International Forest of Friendship, a memorial to the history of aviation and aerospace in Atchison, Kansas, birthplace of Amelia Earhart 

Jimmie Mattern Home-30.png

Inducted into the Oklahoma Air and Space Hall of Fame for his contributions to aviation 

Jimmie Mattern Home-32.png

Inducted into the OX5 Aviation Pioneers Hall of Fame 

Jimmie Mattern Home-33.png

Featured in the “Golden Age of Flight” exhibit (1919 - 1939) at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (1984 –)

Jimmie Mattern Home-34.png

Honored with proclamation of “Dorothy and Jimmie Mattern Day”, City of Palm Desert, California (May 16, 1987)

Jimmie Mattern Home-27.png

Wings enshrined on the “Famous Fliers Wall” of the Aviator’s Chapel at The Mission Inn in Riverside, California 

Jimmie Mattern Home-29.png

Named Honorary Pioneer of Alaska, Igloo #4, Fairbanks, Alaska 

Jimmie Mattern Home-31.png

Named “Honorary Crop Duster”, along with Gen. Jimmy Doolittle, by the California Agricultural Aircraft Association 

Jimmie Mattern Home-24.png

Received the OX5 Aviation Pioneers’ Distinguished Service Award

Jimmie Mattern Home-24.png

Jimmie’s Lockheed 12A was featured on the cover of the Smithsonian 1986 calendar

Jimmie Mattern Home-36.png

Featured in the Russian Transpolar Flight and Robert W. Stevens Alaskan Aviation collections at The Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington 

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