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UNDAUNTED: The Extraordinary Story of the First Aviator to Attempt a Solo Flight Around the World.

The year was 1933, and a severe economic depression had devastated the United States. The stock market had collapsed. Unemployment was rampant.

Amidst such widespread misery, an intrepid young pilot named Jimmie Mattern set out to become the first pilot to circumnavigate the globe solo. An unceasing optimist, Jimmie believed his flight, if successful, could lift the hope and spirits of a struggling nation. Instead, Jimmie was the one who would need hope just to make it home alive.

On June 3, 1933, Jimmie and his Lockheed Vega rose joyfully into the sky to chase glory. He wouldn’t set foot on American soil again for eight grueling weeks, after a crash in the Siberian wilderness tested his renowned cheerfulness and storied ability to survive. His quest, fraught with brutal weather, mechanical and fuel emergencies, hunger, sleep deprivation, and injury, made him a legend and an international celebrity in his time.

Undaunted is the captivating true story of the spirited, intrepid aviation pioneer who inspired the countless daring pilots and astronauts who came after him. A consummate adventurer, Jimmie Mattern was seemingly impervious to pain or despair. After every misfortune, he climbed right back into the cockpit and set his sights on the next horizon—unafraid and unfaltering.

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A very American story - of boldness, courage, and entrepreneurial spirit. But it also involves horrible set-backs and failures, and over time considerable success. You will love the story with its twists and turns.

- Amazon Review
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Mattern’s story is a thrilling tale of adventure and discovery. His legacy is one of dreaming and discovery, hard work and talent, tenacity, and bravery, and, above all, perseverance. Undaunted brings to life a truly American story of surviving and succeeding against all odds. It’s the pioneer aviators of the Golden Age like Jimmie who inspired me to start our first XPRIZE for spaceflight.

- Peter H. Diamandis,
MD, Founder, XPRIZE Foundation
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A great read from start to finish. An amazing life lived by an adventurous man.

- Amazon Review
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A terrific story about a great patriot and one of our pioneer aviators. As an aviator, I could not put the book down. The author held me spellbound as I read about Jimmie Mattern and the challenges he faced in his quest to be the first to fly solo around the world. His adventures during the Golden Age of aviation tell a story that any pilot would not want to miss.

- Amazon Review
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As one of the newcomers to the world of aviation, I thank you for helping to pave the way.

John Young
(shuttle pilot Columbia I, Apollo X, and Gemini flights)
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This fascinating, historical true story has it all: adventure, love, war, aviation, Hollywood!

- Amazon Review
Undaunted: The Extraordinary Story of the First Aviator to Attempt A Solo Flight Around the World
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